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Irish Music, dannsair
Russ Doherty and Emily Sommermann
welcome to dannsair

Preview of a typical performance at Dargan's


Dannsair has achieved a depth and clarity in Irish music few expect from these centuries-old tunes. By combining jazz, classical and traditional Irish sensibilities they push the envelope of the sound into completely new territory.

The various members of Dannsair have been performing together on and off for seven years. Their styles are incredibly well suited to each other with the emotional Irish melodies melding into jazzy undertones, classical phrasing and danceable rhythms. The orchestrated arrangements, emotional fiddle & flute playing along with the percussion and bass bring a complete and essential sound to this traditional folk music.

Currently performing Thursdays at Dargan’s Irish Pub in Santa Barbara, Dannsair draws an eclectic following interested in traditional, world and Irish music.

All current CDs are available for purchase here. The tune book, for learning the songs on the first three CDs, is available for purchase here.

Thanks for listening.

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