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Reviews for the CD "The Galway Train"

"The 8-piece ensemble possesses more than their fair share of musical talent." - Aly Comingore, Santa Barbara Independent, December 3, 2009

Reviews for the CD "Mists of Ennistymon"

"Hauntingly beautiful... Mists is a lovely addition to any Celtophile’s collection, not to mention a true hometown treat." - Mike Gehagan, Santa Barbara Independent, March 17, 2009

"The opening title cut is a beautifully wistful original melody that invokes a nostalgic feeling for home." - Joe Ross Reviews, April 2009

Performance Reviews

"We sat there for a good hour, listening to the lively music by Dannsair. The people were warm and the musicians were very interactive." – Mae F., Sherman Oaks, The James Joyce on Yelp.com, 2010

"You will...sing Irish folk songs with Dannsair and play a damn good game of pool. This place is Irish...uber Irish and I love every unpretentious, crowd-lovin, bartender's-your-best-friend moment in this place." – Marissa S., San Francisco, The James Joyce on Yelp.com, 2009

"The atmosphere, the beer, the music by Dannsair, and the food makes it feel like a little bit of Ireland in Santa Barbara, California." – Anson C., Fullerton, CA, Dargan's Irish Pub on Yelp.com, 2010

"The members of Dannsair are a multi-generational bunch, and they are keeping traditional Celtic music vibrant and alive while also composing new pieces that capture the same emotion and excitement as those tunes from centuries before." - Joe Ross Reviews, April 2009

Dannsair with Santa Barbara Symphony, St. Patrick's Day 2007

"The performance...continued through several more traditional Irish numbers before sending the crowd off into a frenzy..."
- Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

"At the tail end of Saturday night's performance ... the timely guest Irish ensemble, Dannsair, offered a feisty little Celtic reel, "The Star of Munster," as an encore [to showcase] the vibrant mobility of the Irish band." - Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara News-Press

"Fabulous performance Sunday with SB Symphony...I loved it!!!!" - Renee Hamarty, Music Director, Arts & Letters, Summer Opera Under the Stars

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