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Irish Music, dannsair
Russ Doherty and Emily Sommermann
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Weekly Schedule

Currently not performing due to Covid.

Dargan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
18 E. Ortega, Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 568-0702.


Dargan's is a full-service restaurant, family friendly, with billiards tables in the front bar, and dinner seating & music in the back.

"The atmosphere, the beer, the music by Dannsair, and the food makes it
feel like a little bit of Ireland in Santa Barbara, California."

– Anson C., Fullerton, CA, on Yelp.com

"This place is Irish...uber Irish and I love every unpretentious, crowd-lovin, bartender's-your-best-friend moment in this place."
– Marissa S., San Francisco, on Yelp.com

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